Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) said Sunday that while he hasn't decided to run for president again, he wouldn't rule out that option again.

"Yeah, I'm not going to close that door, but I'm not going to walk through it, either," Romney said on Fox News Sunday. "And the action that I'm going through right now is trying to help people who I think would make a difference for the country and, frankly, also help some people who helped me."

Romney has remained in the public spotlight since his 2008 run for president that stalled during the Republican primaries. Through his PAC, he's worked to actively support some Republican candidates throughout the country.

On that note, Romney talked up the prospects for the reemergence of the GOP.

"You know, there have been other times when our party has been written off," he said. "And what typically happens is that the party that gets all the power starts thinking good about themselves and overreaches, and the American people say they've gone too far."

"I think you'll see Republican Party come charging back," Romney added. "If we hold true to our principles and do a better job communicating those principles and holding true to them, acting as we speak, I think the American people will put us back in a position of leadership."