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McCollum announces run for Fla. Gov.

Coming on the heels of Gov. Charlie Crist (R) announcing he will run for the Senate, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) announced on Monday that he will run for governor next year.

McCollum, who was anticipated to run for the governorship ship if Crist opted for the Senate, announced his candidacy Monday morning on Orlando.

In a statement afterward, McCollum pledged bipartisanship and accountability.

"The hallmark of my administration will be access and inclusion," McCollum said . "It will be an administration that does not focus on partisan labels but brings the brightest minds from every walk of life together - every race, creed, religion - to solve problems and move this state forward."

McCollum also laid out a platform that stressed environmental programs and healthcare reform.

McCollum is expected to face off against Democrat Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, who jumped in the race last week. Polling at the beginning of April showed a Sink-McCollum match up would be a close race.

McCollum also launched a website and Twitter feed on Monday.

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