Americans United for Change, the labor backed liberal behemoth, is going local on Thursday. The group is launching a TV ad in Minnesota that calls on Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) to certify the results of the Senate race and declare Democrat Al Franken the winner if the Minnesota Supreme Court rules in Franken's favor in June.

"Most Minnesotans - including Republicans - believe that once the Minnesota Supreme Court rules - it will be time for Governor Pawlenty to do his legal duty and certify Al Franken as our senator," the narrator says. "But the national Republican donors don't want Minnesota to have its rightful Representation in the Senate."

Republican Norm Coleman, with the backing of national Republicans, has continued to press his case in court. The longer the court process plays out, the longer it takes for Democrats to get their 60th senator now that Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.) has switched sides.

Coleman's appeal will be heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court on June 1.

"Now Governor Pawlenty has a choice," the narrator concludes. "Will he act in the best interest Minnesota or his own national political ambitions?"

It is unclear how much money is behind the ad buy.

Check out the ad below.