The Republican National Committee announced on Friday that it raised $6.7 million in March, an indication that it has ramped up its fundraising efforts since last month. In February, the RNC raked in $5.1 million.

With its January haul, which included a loan from the McCain-Palin Victory Committee, the GOP raised $25.3 million for the first quarter and has $23.9 million cash on hand.

"The Republican National Committee ended the first quarter of 2009 strong with a solid increase in our fundraising from just one month ago," RNC Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement.

The RNC has not filed with the FEC yet, and is not required to do so until later in the month.

The Democratic National Committee's finished February with $8.6 million cash on hand. The DNC was also $6.9 million in debt at the end of February while the RNC has no debt.