After countless blog posts, cable news segments and sexual innuendo, the Tea Parties are finally upon us.

The point of these parties has been well documented but how effectively they will play out remains to be seen. One the one hand, as First Read wisely points out, this is the first attempt of the conservative movement to prove it can effectively use online grassroots technology on a national scale. Already, the movement says that 750 Tea Parties will be taking place around the country and several lawmakers plan to attend them.

On the other, there is a distinct possibility the conservative movement will be talking to itself all day and make little inroads with independent or potential swing voters.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting out to cover these parties so we want to hear from you. Are you going to a Tea Party? If so, let us know how it went. How many people attended? What was it like?

And what do you think about these Tea Parties; are they a legitimate grassroots movement, as conservatives claim? Or are they purely "astroturfing" - a ploy conjured up by the right and a specific cable news outlet - as the left claims?

The comments section awaits below.