Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) acknowledged Monday that while he wants to be mayor of New York City, some factors in the race have changed that may keep him from running.

"I want to be the mayor. What I've said is I'm going to make an announcement at the end of May," Weiner told the New York Fox affiliate. "But I'll tell you what: there's so much going on in Washington right now that's dominating our attention. I want to focus on the job that I have right now...There's just been an enormous amount to do for New York City."

"What changed was a crisis the likes we haven't seen in this country in 70 years," Weiner explained.

The six-term lawmaker dodged whether the reemergence of incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) affected his newfound coyness on a mayoral challenge. Bloomberg managed to force a change in city election law to allow himself to run for a third consecutive term as mayor.

Weiner took a shot at Bloomberg's campaign for running alleged push polls seeking to dog Weiner ahead of a potential annoucement.

"I have to assume that Mike Bloomberg and his team believe after eight years, they need to gather dirt on candidates and promulgate it," he said.

Watch a video of the interview below: