Florida CFO Alex Sink (D) and Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) statistically tied in a very early poll for Florida governor.

The poll, conducted for SayfieReview.com/PowerPlay by Mason Dixon and released Friday, found McCollum leading Sink 36 percent to 35 percent with 29 percent undecided.

What is more interesting, though, is the fact that pollsters are now leaving Gov. Charlie Crist (R) out of the mix. Many are speculating that Crist is more interested in running for retiring Sen. Mel Martinez's (R) seat than seeking a second term as governor.

The poll didn't test potential Senate head to head match ups. It did ask if respondents would consider voting for Crist if he runs for the senate. Half said they would consider it, while 17 percent said definitely and 26 percent said definitely not.

There was a margin of error of +/- 3 percent in the poll.