Connecticut state Sen. Sam Caligiuri (R) plans to make an official announcement on Tuesday about whether he will run for the Senate in 2010 against Sen. Chris Dodd (D).

According to a release from Caligiuri's staff, the state senator will announce his intentions from his home at 10 A.M. Tuesday.

Caligiuri has been rumored to be considering a run against Dodd for about a month. In mid-March, Chris Healy, the chairman of the Connecticut GOP, told Aaron Blake that Caligiuri had indicated he was going to run for the seat.

If Caligiuri announces his intention to run, which most expect, he'll join former Rep. Rob Simmons on the Republican side. Tom Foley, a former ambassador to Ireland, is also considering running for the seat.

Several polls have indicated that Dodd may be vulnerable in 2010. Dodd has seen his poll numbers plummet as a result of news that he received preferential mortgage rates from Countrywide Financial and played a role in drafting a provision that allowed the American International Group to pay out bonuses with taxpayer funded money. Dodd has since said that he was instructed by the Treasury Department to include the provision in the economic stimulus bill.

Caligiuri also dismissed rumors last week that he was also considering running for the House in 2010, saying he is only focused on the Senate.