The Republican National Committee (RNC) signaled its desire to broaden its politically competitive landscape, donating $100,000 dollars to the New York state Republican Party.

The donation is ostensible assistance ahead of the March 31st special election in the state's 20th congressional district, where polls show a winnowing gap between Republican candidate James Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele had promised in his acceptance speech upon being elected chairman that the GOP would do more to compete in the Northeast, where its elected political officials have dwindled over the past few election cycles.

"To my friends in the Northeast, get ready, baby, it is time to turn it on and work, and work to do what we always do well -- and that is win," Steele said then.

"The RNC is proud to make an investment in our state parties and hard working grassroots," Steele said in a statement Thursday. "These funds will be used to show our commitment to re-establishing a strong GOP presence in the Northeast."

"Our party is devoting the energy and resources necessary to win the special election in New York