The socially conservative Family Research Council (FRC) encouraged CNBC host Larry KudlowLarry KudlowMORE to not run for office, reasoning he is the host is too valuable a voice at the financial network.

"As a conservative moderator you have exposed the Bush (bad) and the Obama (failing) economic responses to the financial crash to systematic analysis by many of the best thinkers on Wall Street," FRC senior fellow Chris Gacek wrote in an open letter to Kudlow. "As long as the current economic recession remains unabated, The Kudlow Report will remain the most important source of news on the economy."

But Gacek urged Kudlow not to run because Republicans are unlikely to overtake the Senate, and Kudlow would have little power ("You would have no chance of attaining the level of influence you now enjoy on CNBC," Gacek said.)

Gacek also predicted the Democratic opponent, Sen. Chris Dodd, would be too difficult to defeat. "You will most likely lose the race, but the costs would be greater than those associated with a failed campaign - lost time, treasure, and effort," Gacek asserted.

Gacek asked Kudlow to stay on at CNBC, so people can enjoy "the high-quality analysis of Obama Administration policies that they deserve for 2010 and 2012."