The Republican National Committee (RNC) attacked President Obama's first month in office as a "disappointing string" of failures, targeting the very same actions the White House touts as successes on its website.

In an email Friday morning, the RNC took aim at "failed bipartisanship, questionable ethics, and wasteful spending" it alleged in the first month of the Obama administration. Focusing primarily on the stimulus package signed into law by the president earlier this week, the RNC claimed that the bill was full of earmarks and wasteful spending, and argued the bill was far from bipartisan.

For its part, the White House is using its front page to drive its message (h/t Greg Sargent), with a prominent section on its homepage devoted to pieces of legislation President Obama has signed, such as the stimulus package, S-CHIP, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The RNC additionally criticized the administration's waiver for certain appointees to get past newly-instituted lobbying rules for officials, as well as the administration's hiccups in filling some cabinet-level positions.