Despite a new job, Matt Schlapp, President George W. Bush's former director of political affairs, tells the Briefing Room he is still considering a run for Congress.

Asked if the new gig rules out a run for Rep. Todd Tiahrt's (R) Kansas 4th District seat, Schlapp said emphatically: "No."

Schlapp, and his mother, were mentioned in our story on who might run for the heavily Republican district. Observers in Kansas said Schlapp would be a game changer in the race, able to draw upon his numerous fundraising connections both in the state and nationwide.

Schlapp emailed his contacts earlier this week saying he was leaving his job at Koch Industries and launching Cove Stratgies.

Tiahrt is running for Sam Brownback's (R) Senate seat. Brownback is not running for re-election, choosing instead to seek the governorship.