Candidates in New Hampshire and North Carolina could get an added boost Election Day as abortion-rights group EMILY's List is pouring financial and logistical resources into those states on the last day of the campaign.

Despite the group's widespread involvement in a number of competitive House, Senate, and gubernatorial races, the organization has concentrated on the Granite and Tar Heel states in the closing hours of the campaign, said Jonathan Parker, political director for EMILY's List.

"Look for us in North Carolina and New Hampshire," Parker said. "Those are both big priorities because of the Senate races, and other races that we care about."

In New Hampshire, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen (D) looks to unseat Republican incumbent Sen. John Sununu, and in North Carolina, Democrat Kay Hagan is running a strong campaign against Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R). While focusing on those races, Parker said, they have a number of opportunities to affect downballot races in each state, including North Carolina's gubernatorial race, and in New Hampshire, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's (D) difficult reelection bid.

Still, the organization is not expecting a clean sweep in some southern and southwestern districts. "Some of our races are just going to need a little bit of that Obama wave," Parker said. "Our measuring stick for the election cycle is how many Democratic, pro-choice women did we manage to elect."

-Michael O'Brien