The campaign of Martin Ozinga will hold a private reception at the family's house in lieu of a scheduled fundraiser with Vice President Cheney after the Vice President's cancellation of the appearance Tuesday.

Cheney had call off the event due to a discovered recurrence of atrial fibrillation, an abnormal rhythm in the upper chambers of the heart, during a visit with doctors Tuesday morning. The Vice President will undergo an outpatient procedure to treat the problem this afternoon at George Washington University hospital, Cheney's office said.

The Ozinga campaign had no comment beyond announcing the schedule change, and said it would not comment further the rest of the day, directing press inquiries to the Vice President's office.

Ozinga had been outraised by Democratic opponent Debbie Halvorson through the second quarter; third quarter numbers are due soon.

Both are facing off to replace Rep. Jerry Weller (R), who is retiring, in Illinois's 11th congressional district. The district is considered to lean Democratic by the Cook Political Report.

-Michael O'Brien