Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin famously couldn't name a Supreme Court ruling other than Roe v. Wade that she disagreed with during her Katie Couric interview. But when asked on Fox News about the High Court again Friday, she came prepared.

Here's her full answer:
A recent one, Kennedy v. Louisiana, where the Supreme Court will tell a state that they can't impose the death penalty -- even a heinous crime of repeat child rapist, that a state, its rights were taken away by the Supreme Court, and we would not be able to decide for ourselves whether the death penalty in a case like that could be implemented or not. That one -- I'm certainly not a supporter of that decision.

The Kelo case also, with eminent domain, that affects me as a governor, it affected me as a mayor also. Private property rights are so precious in this nation, and for the Supreme Court to have sided with government instead of the people, the property owners on that, that was frustrating.

And then another one personally affecting me also, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the siding with the oil company as they decimated Alaska's coastline and much of our fisheries and much of our coastal communities' livelihoods, the people who live there, and they sided with Exxon on the punishment, the punitive damage that was to be awarded. Exxon won on that one, in a sense, and that was frustrating.