John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said Thursday that the media's focus on Sarah Palin's Church is "literally an attack on Christianity itself."

Asked on Hugh Hewitt's radio show Davis if the focus on Governor Palin's church over Barack Obama's was a "double standard," Davis said, "there's something going on in the media right now, and I've seen it on television in the last couple of nights, and that's literally an attack on Christianity itself. I mean, every one of these candidates are good Christians. There's no question about that."

Davis added that regarding the candidates, the media is only interested "differentiating between their beliefs" and the "kind of education they got in religion."

The McCain strategist said he is "disturbed by the patterns" of dividing candidates on "religious lines" which Davis believes should be "sacred ground in politics."

Davis's critique follows a line of comments from the McCain camp attacking the media for being too critical of Palin.

(hat tip Sam Stein)

- Lauren Vernon