DENVER - With all eyes on her, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) caused a minor stir Monday morning just before 9 am when she quietly tried to exit the Brown Palace Hotel where she is staying.

While photographers and other bystanders waited for her outside the front entrance, she snuck out a side entrance but happily stopped to chat with a few supporters who made it around the corner. With sirens in the background, she proclaimed: "We're going to have a wonderful convention."

Supporters gushed about how great she looked in a sunflower yellow pantsuit.

"She looks good," remarked Victor Cendeno, a DLCC volunteer. "Yeah," added his friend, Allen Duchemin, another volunteer. "That orangy-yellow suit fits her well. It looks good on her."

And with that, she fled the scene in a black SUV with aide Huma Abedin and security personnel

- Betsy Rothstein and Roxana Tiron