John McCainJohn Sidney McCainBudowsky: Trump destroying GOP in 2018, '19, '20 Conservative group cuts ties with Michelle Malkin Democratic debate at Tyler Perry's could miss the mark with black voters MORE's campaign just released a memo criticizing Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaAs Buttigieg rises, Biden is still the target Debate gives Democrats a chance to focus on unaddressed issues of concern to black voters Is Joe Biden finished? MORE as someone who wants to raise American's taxes. The Democratic National Committee responded by highlighting similarities between President Bush and McCain's economic positions.

The crossfire comes as the two presidential campaigns Monday are pushing forth their plans to boost the economy, with McCain's campaign stressing tax cuts and Obama's campaign calling for tax relief for the middle class and programs to help Americans save.

Read snippets of the memos below.

Memo from McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin:

This year, Barack Obama returned to the United States Senate twice to vote in favor of a budget resolution which raises income tax rates by three percentage points for the 25, 28 and 33 percent tax brackets. This would mean a tax increase for those earning as little as $32,000.

While Barack Obama campaigns on a promise of no tax hikes for anyone but the rich, we once again find that his words are empty when it comes time to act. In both March and June, Barack Obama could have put the force of his vote behind his words. Instead, he decided that "rich" now means those making just $32,000 per year.


Based on his actions and votes, Barack Obama is going to raise taxes on nearly every American. If you make over $32,000 per year, Barack Obama has voted to raise your taxes. If you own stocks, Barack Obama has a plan to raise your taxes. During the primary, he proposed lifting the cap on income subject to Social Security taxation. He has proposed to repeat the failed Windfall Profits Tax and new taxes on natural gas and coal. He is going to raise taxes on small businesses. There is no group rich, poor or other who will not be adversely impacted by his tax increases.

Even more troubling, Barack Obama has proposed increasing Washington spending and expanding government programs while failing to outline how he will pay for his proposals. Where will Barack Obama make up the difference? Unfortunately, we already know the answer. If we ignore his words and look at his record, he will not hesitate to tax any Americans at any income level.

This is a question of credibility. And on ensuring that we can grow our economy by keeping taxes low and more money in the pockets of taxpayers, Barack Obama's record of action shows that his words are empty.

DNC's memo:

If You Like George Bush's Economy, Hire John McCain

Washington, DC-- When John McCain rolls out his "Jobs First" economic tour in Denver today, he'll have a lot of explaining to do to the American people. Senator McCain, according to the Wall Street Journal, "isn't expected to say anything new" and will only "repackage proposals he has already outlined," the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig. With his support of George Bush's disastrous economic policies that have hurt America, voters will see Senator McCain offers nothing more than four more years of lost jobs, pain at the pump and a squeeze for the Middle Class. [Wall Street Journal, 7/5/08] John McCain's plan only offers more tax breaks to the affluent and corporations in the hope that some of them will trickle down to middle-class families. He has no stimulus plan and offers barely any direct tax cuts for middle-class families, 101 million left out and those with two children getting only $125 in the first year of his plan. As the DNC shows in its new video, John McCain's claim that he'll put American "Jobs First" rings hollow:

McCain will even try to warm over his already rejected claim that he can balance the budget in his first term despite his promise to make the Bush tax cuts he once opposed permanent--a claim one non-partisan fact checker called a "fantasy" earlier this year.

Jobs first? What Senator McCain has put first are unfair trade deals written by lobbyists that have led to the loss of thousands of American jobs. But instead of helping these workers get back on their feet, McCain, like Bush, has put tax breaks for corporations first and voted against programs to help the Middle Class and American workers displaced by trade agreements.

Jobs first? With Americans hurting more and more everyday and Colorado's unemployment rate having doubled under President Bush, John McCain's promise of a third Bush term on jobs and the economy is the last--not the first--thing our country needs.