Poblano, lauded for coming closer than pollsters in projections of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, has revealed himself to be a premier baseball statistician.

Nate Silver, a partner at the sabermetric site Baseball Prospectus, posted on his blog that "it just ain't very professional to to keep referring to yourself as a chili pepper."

He likened his work crunching baseball stats to analyzing political polls.

"Both baseball and politics are data-driven industries," Silver wrote at FiveThirtyEight.com. "But a lot of the time, that data might be used badly. In baseball, that may mean looking at a statistic like batting average when things like on-base percentage and slugging percentage are far more correlated with winning ballgames. In politics, that might mean cherry-picking a certain polling result or weaving together a narrative that isn't supported by the demographic evidence."