The Obama administration is showing "signs of weakness" in its national security policy, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) asserted Friday.

While the former Republican vice presidential candidate did not go as far as some other Republicans to suggest President Obama has made the country less safe, she criticized the idea of cuts to the national missile defense system.

"I think it's a sign of weakness to cut defense spending right now," Palin said during an interview on CNN. "You've seen what Kim Jong Il is up to right now."

"Alaska has the position and the equipment -- if it's funded correctly -- to intercept a missile," she said. "To see, then, that there is talk of cutting that system, I think it's nonsense. I think it's a sign of weakness."

The Alaska Republican has made the media rounds to talk up her state's new oil pipeline, as well as the controversy involving her daughters and comedian David Letterman.

Palin encouraged government leaders to show strength in national security policy.