Keyes: Obama an ‘Abomination,’ ‘Radical Communist’

President Obama is an “abomination” who could cause the U.S. to cease to exist, Obama’s 2004 Senate opponent Alan Keyes is claiming.

“Obama is a radical communist, and I think it’s becoming clearer,” Keyes said in a YouTube video posted this past weekend. “He’s going to destroy this country. And we’re either going to stop him, or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.”

Keyes called Obama’s position on abortion rights an “abomination” and out-of-line with mainstream thought.

Keyes, a 2000 and 2004 candidate for president, also cast doubt on whether the president is constitutionally eligible — picking up on complaints from fringe conservatives that Obama was born abroad and ineligible from assuming the nation’s highest political office.

“Is he president of the United States?” Keyes asked. “According to the Constitution, in order to be eligible for president, you have to be a natural born citizen. He has refused to provide proof that he is, in fact, a natural born citizen.”

Watch a video of the interview with Keyes here:

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)

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