White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was among diners at Georgetown's Hook restaurant Tuesday, munching on Barramundi at the seafood hotspot.

Emanuel was spotted at the M Street restaurant, having dinner with a man his Secret Service escort could only identify as "Steve."

"I want to see this economy producing things again, investing in things again," Rahm proclaimed over a plate of pan-seared Barramundi.

The agent kept one eye on his mark, the other on his Blackberry, and his fork in a plate of less fancy -- but still "sustainable" -- popcorn shrimp from Hook-owned Tackle Box.

When asked who Rahm's two companions were, he shrugged: "I have no idea, my Blackberry just says 'dinner with Steve,'" adding, "Obama's shuffled his cabinet so much in the past month, you'll have to catch me in four years before I can remember them all."

At 9:30, Rahm apologized to "Steve" and his companion for having to leave early, and was escorted by his head-taller security detail back into the night-black SUV, but not before enjoying a cup of decaf coffee.

-Geoffrey Greene