Superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended their first White House Correspondents' Association Dinner Saturday night.

The two were the guests of Vanity Fair magazine and spent most of their time before the dinner at a private, VIP reception the White House Correspondent Association hosts with President Obama, its board members and select celebrities.

Here is what multiple sources told us happened at the reception.

Obama had a 3-4 minute conversation with the couple about movies and politics. He told them "You guys ought to come to the White House."

One of our sources said: "Tom Cruise was grinning ear to ear" after talking to Obama. The source also relayed that Cruise said he had not been to the dinner before and was asking people what to expect. Cruise said "this is a blast." But, the source added, "He didn't jump on any tables." The source added Cruise was incredibly nice and a total gentleman.

At the dinner, Cruise and Holmes were spotted talking with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who is an investor in Cruise's production company. The couple have stayed at his DC home and attended a Redskins game as his guest.

Cruise and Holmes arrived at the Hilton hotel around 3:40 p.m. Saturday afternoon, according to another source. They were "casually dressed." She wore a khaki trench coat and knit beret, he was in a navy dress shirt, jeans and aviator sunglasses. "They strolled in very casually, hand-in-hand and looked like they were checking out the scene," the source said. And they graciously stopped for pics with people when asked.