Top economic advisers to President Obama are adjusting to the recession in their own way: Lawrence Summers, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other Obama aides won't be going to their annual spring tennis camp, Summers told The Wall Street Journal.

Summers, the top economic adviser in the White House, usually attends camp with other Clinton administration alumni who are now helping Obama, including Geithner, former assistant Treasury secretary Lee Sachs and former national economic adviser Gene Sperling. Sachs is expected to join Sperling in Geithner's Treasury department.

"We're all seeing plenty of each other these days," Summers told the newspaper when he said he canceled camp plans.

Summers, a former Treasury secretary and Harvard president now leading the president's daily economic briefings, also remarked on his hard-charging reputation.

"The pushing is not really because I have an agenda -- in most cases it's because I want to help the arguments be as strong as they can possibly be," he said.