New Interior Secretary Ken Salazar released on Monday ethics guidelines for employees at his department, which had been roiled by scandals during the Bush administration.

The guidelines call on career employees in the department to stick to the same rules laid out by President Obama that political appointees must follow.

One internal report last year found that the department interfered with scientific work to limit protections for endangered species. Other reports from last year found that Interior employees accepted gifts from energy companies they were dealing with and engaged in drug use and sexual misconduct.

Read Salazar's memo outlining the guidelines below.

January 26, 2009

To: All DOI Employees
From: Secretary
Subject: Ethical Responsibilities

It is a great honor to be confirmed as the 50th Secretary of the Interior. As I indicated in my address to the employees of the Department of the Interior, I vow to lead with openness in decision making, high ethical standards, and respect for scientific integrity.

On his first full day in office, President Obama issued an Executive Order raising the bar and establishing the highest ethical standards for Executive Branch Personnel. As part of this commitment, all Political Appointees are required to sign and adhere to an ethics pledge: 1) to not accept gifts from a registered lobbyist or lobbying organization; 2) to comply with enhanced revolving door conflict of interest bans, both during and upon leaving government service; and 3) to make hiring or other employment decisions based on the candidate