David Axelrod, President-elect Obama's top political aide, said that Obama will give an inauguration speech that will mix both somber and uplifting themes.

"It'll be a sober speech but also a hopeful speech, and I think he's going to summon us to live up to the responsibilities we all have to get this country moving again," Axelrod said on MSNBC on Tuesday, just a few hours before Obama's inauguration.

"I think it'll be a mix that will be appropriate for the times we're in," added Axelrod, who played a key role in crafting Obama's speech.

Axelrod said that Obama will stress that government can't do everything and that individuals and the business sector will have to pitch in.

He also said that several members of the new administration will be working during the inaugural ceremonies.

"While people are celebrating, I think others will be working to make sure there's a smooth transfer of power here," he said.