President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush plan to move to their new home in Dallas just days after his term ends Jan. 20.

Laura Bush said that they will leave Washington on Inauguration Day for Crawford, Texas, and then will move to Dallas "a few days" after.

"We'll fly back to Texas [on Jan. 20], and we'll end up at our ranch with a number of friends who will be going with us, who will be there with us that night to spend the first night at home there," she said at the White House. "So that will be fun.

"And then a few days after that, whenever it's -- the painters have finished, we'll move -- I'll move -- the moving vans at our Dallas house and move in there."

Bush made the remarks while unveiling the latest additions to the White House China collection. The new China is reportedly worth more than $550,000, which is slightly more than those plates sold on cable television that commemorate President-elect Obama's election.