President-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaWhat does the Preamble to the Constitution have to do with Build Back Better? White House underscores action amid violent crime streak Biden frustration with Fox News breaks through surface MORE briefly said hello to his new press corps, on the plane with him for the first time since the campaign.

Obama appeared in the back of his plane during their flight Tuesday from Philadelphia, where he was for the National Governors Association meeting, to his home in Chicago. Obama was there for about three minutes, according to the pool reporter, The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni.

"Kind of like old times but not really," Obama told the reporters. "It doesn't have that breathless pace ... just one city a day!"

When someone asked about his future Cabinet picks, he pretended to zip his lips. Obama was also snacking on nuts.

Obama's White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel eventually appeared to retrieve his boss.

"My minder here is getting nervous," Obama joked.