First Lady Laura Bush said that the next president's wife, Michelle Obama, asked about closets when she came to visit the White House.

"We talked about is what any women would talk about as one is moving out of a home and somebody is moving in," Bush told ABC.

Bush said that her advice to Obama, who has two daughters in grade school, was to "err on the side of privacy for children."

"I think it lets children grow up and make childish mistakes, which, of course, they will out of the limelight," she said. "And I think that's really the best."

Barbara Bush, the younger daughter of the President and First Lady, said that the Obama girls will be taking the rooms that Barbara and her sister, Jenna, had taken.

Bush, 26, said that Malia and Sasha Obama were sweet and have similar concerns to those of the Bush girls when their father entered the White House.

"I mean, it's a huge adjustment, and they're not used to Secret Service, and they're not -- and they're switching schools, and they have to make new friends. I mean, we felt... people feel like that regardless of how old they are," Bush said. "So it was really fun to get to meet them and to get to see them being excited about their move, and to get to talk to them about the same things that we had to deal with, regardless of age."