Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's trip to China early next week will look back at what the two countries have done to stabilize the international economy while looking forward to building more sustainable growth.

Treasury Department officials said Thursday that a key goal Geithner's trip would be to create "balanced, sustainable growth" for both the U.S. and China in years to come.

Geithner will leave for China Saturday night and arrive late Sunday for a whirlwind tour of meetings with high-ranking Chinese officials.

The Treasury Secretary will speak at a top Chinese university on Monday, and meet with Vice Premier Wang Qishan before dining with Finance Minister Xie Xuren.

Tuesday will see meetings with Premier Wen Jiabao before a meeting with President Hu Jintao.

Treasury officials said the trip would serve to look back at what the U.S. and China have done to stabilize the global financial system, as well as to look forward to stabilizing their fiscal and monetary policies once the economy has recovered.

Geithner will also look to discuss the creation of stronger global financial systems -- somewhat mirroring one of his top domestic priorities.