A group of minority business leaders has formed a group opposing the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA, or "card check") a day after civil rights groups organized a campaign for the bill's passage.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Black Hotel Owners Operators and Developers, and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association announced a campaign Friday to persuade members of the minority community to oppose EFCA.

"This is tantamount to a coup or power grab. Entrepreneurs don't take the risks and work hard hours to give it all up," said National Black Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Harry C. Alford. "And denying workers the right to secret ballot elections is undemocratic, plain and simple."

The announcement by the minority business groups sets up an interesting racial dynamic in the fight over the card check bill, which is strongly desired by organized labor, but strenuously opposed by business groups.

The civil rights groups announced the push for the organized labor bill to coincide with the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination.

The anti-EFCA minority business groups will announce their campaign in more detail in an April 6 press conference.