President Obama and Vice President Biden both got 50/50 marks for the peacefulness of their 2008 votes while in the Senate, according to a grassroots peace organization that released a scorecard of last year's elected leaders.

Both Obama and Biden were on the campaign trail for much of 2008 during the key votes the group Peace Action used to compile its scorecards, but split evenly on the group's priorities on votes they did make.

Obama sided with the group in voting for an increased foreign relations budget, but bucked them by voting for a nuclear arms treaty with India.

Obama missed three votes -- a funding supplemental for the war in Iraq, missile defense legislation, and a torture ban -- which the organization scored.

Biden made all but one vote, siding with peace action on international relations funding and a torture ban, but differing with them on supporting funding for Iraq and the treaty with India.

Read Peace Action's full report here