Several lawmakers will head to Honduras this weekend to meet with members of the government installed after a coup ousted the country's left-leaning president.

Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) will lead a delegation of at least a few members of Congress to the Central American nation this weekend, his office announced Thursday.

While Mack's office confirmed that more lawmakers are expected to join him on the trip, it was unclear which members would go, because they have not yet confirmed they would attend.

"It's important to remember that Manuel Zelaya's removal was not a military coup," Mack said in a statement announcing the trip. "The Honduran Supreme Court, attorney general, Congress and the Honduran people were right to confront Zelaya as he usurped the law and gutted their constitution."

Some Republicans in Congress have backed the new Honduran government, while President Obama expressed concerned over the ouster of Zelaya last month.