The Obama family will trek to Martha's Vineyard for vacation next week, and it looks like at least one conservative group plans on taking full advantage of the President's exclusive vacation locale.

Greg Sargent obtained an internal memo from Conservatives for Patients Rights, a group opposed to Democrats' healthcare reform.

Among other interesting nuggets--CPR thinks the public option is "far from dead," for example--the memo makes clear that the group is planning a "Martha's Vineyard ad strategy."

The subject line of the memo reads: "Martha's Vineyard: Public Option is (still) Patient Enemy #1."

After pledging to "deliver a decisive blow to the President's big government agenda," and arguing that "there is opportunity in quagmire," the memo closes with this:

We will continue to carry this message forward into next week with our Martha's Vineyard ad strategy--even on vacation, the President will get no quarter on the public option from Conservatives for Patient's Rights."