The developers of a controversial video game about Guantanamo Bay have pulled the plug on the project after complaints from veterans group.

The game, called "Rendition: Guantanamo," would have simulated a detainee escaping the facility by fighting his way through mercenary guards. Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo prisoner, was helping the company reconstruct the prison for a virtual environment.

Vets for Freedom, a group lobbying against the game, complained that Begg was a terrorist who was released for bureaucratic reasons.

More from the Washington Times:
A statement released after T-Enterprise killed the game Wednesday, said "first and foremost, the main character was NOT Moazzam Begg," which contradicts what the BBC News reported in May after an interview with Zarrar Chishti, the director of T-Enterprise.

In the BBC report, Mr. Chishti said Mr. Begg was not only going to help with the design of the prison for the game, but also that "Moazzam will do three days of sound with us then we will 3D-render him into the game."

Mr. Hegseth said he is proud of his organization's efforts to stop "Rendition: Guantanamo," but he thinks there is a continuing "problem of perception" regarding Gitmo.

"We need to keep on guys like Moazzam Begg and what they are trying to do in rewriting history at Guantanamo: That our troops are oppressors and that the detainees are all victims," he said.