Artist gets back at GOP for using his meme to mock Dems
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A well-known web comic artist has come up with a creative way to express his displeasure at having his art used by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to mock the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


K.C. Green, whose web comic "Gunshow" has produced numerous viral internet memes, took to Twitter to object to the RNC co-opting his drawing of a dog saying, “This is fine,” while inside a burning room to poke fun at the chaotic first day of the Democratic convention.

“Everyone is in their right to use 'this is fine' on social media posts, but man o man I personally would like @GOP to delete their stupid post,” Green tweeted.

After another tweet by Green’s merchandise partner, TopatoCo, informing the RNC that Green “is fervently against all that you support” failed to get the image removed, a third party stepped in to flip the tables on the GOP.

Political cartoon publication The Nib reached out to Green and commissioned a piece of original artwork in response to the RNC’s tweet.

"Here's what he came up with,” the publication tweeted.