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GOP Senator: Obama owns Afghanistan now

President Obama now “owns” the political issue of the war in Afghanistan now, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said Friday.

Checking in on Twitter while watching President Obama’s announcment on strategy changes in Afghanistan, Grassley asserted that Afghanistan is no longer former President George W. Bush’s war.

Grassley tweeted:

Listning Prez on FOX anounce his Afhgan stategy Now it bcomes Obama War Not Bush war any longer

Grassley later followed up:

Thanx to Obama Afgan strategy Demo Sen that wantd pullout timeline in [Iraq] now say no Afgan timeline Finally reconize u don’t tell [enemy] your stratgy

The rhetoric about political ownership is reminiscent of the so-called “Pottery Barn rule” touted by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, who warned President Bush about the dangers of going to war in Iraq. The idea is that if the president “breaks” a country, so-to-speak, he “owns” the country.

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