Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) continues to recover in a hospital from a staph infection, his office said Monday.

Byrd, 92, was hospitalized on May 16 for a minor infection. This release marks the second from his office delaying his release from the hospital. (Here is the first.)

Byrd's office said the senator is not expected to return to Capitol Hill this week but is in regular contact with his staff.

From his office:
Senator Byrd very much appreciates all the well wishes he has received from his colleagues on Capitol Hill, his fellow West Virginians, and all those who have sent good wishes from across the country. He was particularly touched by a hand-made card from the outgoing Senate Page class wishing him a speedy recovery and return to the Senate Chamber, as well as a note from his dear friend, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), which in part stated, "Banish the germs and hurry back! West Virginia needs you, the Senate needs you, the nation needs you, and so do I."