That's what embattled Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) just said at hectic stakeout with regard to the ongoing scandal surrounding his appointment to the Senate by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D).

Burris has again come under fire with Tuesday's release of the FBI transcripts of his conversations with Robert Blagojevich, the governor's brother.

On Wednesday, Burris denied any sort of "pay-to-play" arrangement for the seat. He said he counted on the media to report the "truth."

"I am hoping that you all will report the truth and the truth will set us free," he said.

Earlier Wednesday Burris said he was sick of answering questions about his discussions with Blagojevich because the transcripts exonerate him.

"I did not pay to play, and I'm sick of answering your questions, and you're not accepting my answers," Burris told John Williams of Chicago's WGN Radio on Wednesday. "You keep raising these implications."

Burris also said at another stake out on Wednesday that he did not raise money for Blagojevich.