47 actors, musicians, comedians, and other performers released a web video Thursday pushing for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

The web video by the group "Artists for Workers Choice," organized in part with Hollywood's own unions and guilds, takes aim at "corporate greed," and asks viewers to urge their congressmen to pass EFCA.

"The best way for working men and women is by uniting with our coworkers and joining a union," an amalgam of performers say in the video, which was also organized by the AFL-CIO.

"It gives workers a choice of how to unionize," the video says, strongly asserting that the bill would not eliminate the right to a secret ballot, a key claim made by opponents of the legislation.

"This isn't a red state issue or a blue state issue -- it's a worker's issue," they say.

The performers include: F. Murray Abraham, Polly Adams, David Alan Basche, P.J. Benjamin, Amy Brenneman, Kate Burton, Gabrielle Carteris, James Cromwell, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, John Cunningham, Emilio Delgado, Andre De Shields, Kevin Dobson, Mike Farrell, Sam Freed, Ed Fry, Jason George, Nancy Giles, Elliott Gould, Holter Graham, Valerie Harper, Don Hastings, Gregory Jbara, Anne-Marie Johnson, S. Marc Jordan, Kevin Kilner, Michele Lee, Kate Linder, James Lurie, Richard Masur, Anne Meara, Esai Morales, Robert Newman, Kathleen Noone, Nancy Opel, Robert Pine, Roberta Reardon, Sam Robards, Alan Rosenberg, Ned Schmidtke, Charles Shaughnessy, Chris Shiflett, Kate Shindle, Connie Stevens, Jerry Stiller, Paul F. Tompkins and Mark Zimmerman.

Watch the video below: