President Obama is a "cult leader" whose presidency transcends politics, former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) claimed.

"He is -- you have to admit -- he is a cult leader. And the cult will go with him wherever he wants to go," Tancredo said on the conservative newsradio program "Dateline: Washington."

Tancredo made the remarks in respect to the way Obama has characterized his immigration priorities, which Tancredo alleges is a cover for a broader "amnesty" program.

"You just don't know about the size of the cult; how big it is -- if it's shrinking or growing," Tancredo, a rumored gubernatorial candidate in Colorado, continued. "He is not just a political figure; he is truly a cult leader."

Tancredo said he's hopeful Americans will "see through" Obama's rhetoric on immigration.

Listen to the audio of the interview here.