Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who has become one of the most vocal Republican members in recent weeks, is again on the frontlines for the GOP in slamming President Obama's $3.6 trillion budget.

Gregg, the Republican ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee and, at one time, Obama's pick to be Commerce Secretary, was just on MSNBC drawing all sorts of analogies to describe how Obama's budget moves the country in the wrong direction by expanding the size of government.

When asked about the $17 billion in cuts that the administration is touting, Gregg said that totally misses the point. "It's as if you were trying to empty a bathtub with a thimble while you have the faucet on full speed," he said.

Gregg characterized the budget as spending in an "aggressive" manner and said the $17 billion isn't even a "bandaid" and it "is not even going to address the symptoms."