The Obama administration must get high grades for its first months in office, one of the administration's chief critics said Monday.

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), the administration's onetime choice to lead the Commerce Department, offered Obama the backhanded praise of being successful -- at "moving the government radically to the left."

"If you're going to grade this presidency, you have to give him very high grades," Gregg said during an appearance Monday morning on CNBC. "Even though I strongly disagree with their policies, especially in the budget area, they're driving out on four or five different major fronts here."

Gregg appeared on the network's morning market show "Squawk Box" as a cohost for an hour of the show, during which he sustained his streak of vocally criticizing the administration.

"If you want a left-of-center government, they're very successful. They came in saying they were going to be a government of community organizers -- they've done it." Gregg said.

"Basically, they're nationalizing all sorts of sectors, moving aggressively and moving the government radically to the left," the New Hampshire Republican added.

Watch a video of the segment below: