Another pre-100 day poll, another good report card for President Obama.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed in the latest Gallup poll said Obama is doing an "excellent" job while another 33 percent rate his performance as "good." Another 23 percent said Obama is doing "just okay."

As usual, there is a significant partisan divide in how people view Obama's performance. A plurality of Democrats, 46 percent, say he is doing an excellent job. A plurality of Republicans, 35 percent, say he is doing "just okay."


More, the most recent Gallup tracking poll finds that Obama is riding a 65 percent approval rating. And more than six in 10 said Obama has done about as they expected so far.

The poll comes a day after a Pew Research Center poll that also found that Obama is getting high marks for the first stage of his presidency. In particular, Obama had very high personal favorability ratings in that survey.