Americans who use assault weapons to defend their homes are "crazy," Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) claimed Friday.

"If you have an assault weapon to protect your house, you're crazy," Rendell said this morning on CNBC, advocating for the return of a ban on assault weapons. "They jam and they're not very effective. You should have a revolver or something like that."

Rendell said that lawmakers in state capitols and Washington are "needlessly" scared of the National Rifle Association's (NRA) influence, and argued a return of the ban would lend greater support to police forces trying to stem violent crime.

"These weapons have one purpose: to kill and to maim," Rendell asserted. "They shouldn't be in the hands of anybody but the police or the military."

He continued: "Do you think the an individual citizen has the right to a surface-to-air missile? Of course not! We have the right to ban certain types of weapons; that doesn't infringe on our basic rights to bear arms."

Watch a video of the interview below: