If the economy grows in the next year, it will be "in spite" of President Obama's work on the economy, the third-ranking House Republican asserted Friday.

"Well, I hope the economy is growing this time next year, but if it's growing, it will be in spite of the prescriptions of the physician," Pence told National Public Radio (NPR). "It'll be evidence of the resilience of the American people."

Pence also made an example of a baby crying in the Capitol Rotunda, where the interview took place.

"And I love the baby crying because, you know, the reality is that, under the Democratic budget, we will double the national debt in five years, we will triple it in ten years," Pence said. "We are passing along to that little baby, my children, and your children, a mountain range of debt which independent experts suggest is going to lower their standard of living for generations to come."