President Obama may have had a bad week inside the Beltway, but none of the myriad bad news seemed to percolate beyond Washington, according to polls out this week.

Republicans spent last week calling for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's resignation while the White House was forced to defend itself from allegations that it did too little to prevent hugely unpopular bonuses for AIG executives, but the GOP needs to try a little harder: The president is still a pretty popular guy.

A poll taken for CBS News from Friday to Sunday showed 64 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing. That's up two points from another CBS poll conducted March 12 to March 16.

Obama also hovers at 63 percent in the daily Gallup tracking poll, up about a point from this time last week. The number of people who disapprove of Obama, a number that now stands at 27 percent, is slightly off its high of 29 percent for the daily tracking ended March 14.

The numbers aren't dramatic changes, either in the positive or the negative, but Republican suggestions that one bad week will be enough to take the shine off the new president just miss the mark.

- Reid Wilson