Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden looks to shore up lead in S.C. Hillicon Valley: Dems cancel surveillance vote after pushback to amendments | Facebook to ban certain coronavirus ads | Lawmakers grill online ticketing execs | Hacker accessed facial recognition company's database Vulnerable Democrats brace for Sanders atop ticket MORE questioned Wednesday just how much the man who gave the Republican response to President Obama's speech, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is doing for his own state.

"In Louisiana, they're losing 400 jobs a day. What's the governor doing about that?" Biden asked, mirroring similar remarks made Wednesday by Democrats, who took aim at Jindal's record as governor of Louisiana.

"I hear a lot of criticism, but I never hear anything in response -- what would you do?" Biden continued, during a Wednesday morning appearance on the Today show.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday morning that she feels sorry for the people of Louisiana.

Jindal's decision to reject some elements of the stimulus package passed by Congress and supported by the administration has drawn the enmity of some Democratic politicians.

Biden also revealed that President Obama would make a formal announcement Friday about U.S. strategy in Iraq. The vice president refused to elaborate on the administration's plans, but reports this morning say the administration will set a goal of drawing down to a roughly 50,000-troop presence in Iraq by the middle of 2010.

Watch a video of Biden's Today Show appearance below: