Here's a rundown of the press President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaGOP lawmaker blasts incoming freshman over allegations of presidential voter fraud Obama says he may take coronavirus vaccine on TV to build trust in it 'It's not a slogan': Progressives push back on Obama's comments on 'defund the police' movement MORE is getting around the country this morning following his big speech last night.

New York Times
Headline: Obama Assures Nation: 'We Will Rebuild'
Lede: President Obama urged the nation on Tuesday to see the economic crisis as reason to raise its ambitions, calling for expensive new efforts to address energy, health care and education even as he warned that government bailouts have not come to an end.

Washington Post
Headline: 'Day of Reckoning'
Lede: President Obama offered a grim portrait of America's plight in an address to a joint session of Congress last night, but he promised to lead an economic renewal that would lift the country out of its current crisis without bankrupting its future.

Washington Times
Headline: Obama Vows: 'We Will Rebuild'
Lede: Seeking to steady a nervous nation, President Obama on Tuesday used a sweeping address to Congress to assure Americans "we will rebuild, we will recover" and erased all doubt that he will try to make good on his campaign promises of comprehensive health care reform, troop withdrawal from Iraq and tackling colossal deficits.

Wall Street Journal
Headline: Obama Seeks to Snap Bloom
Lede: President Barack Obama, in his first formal address to Congress, straddled the divide between fear and hope Tuesday night, declaring the "day of reckoning has arrived" for an indulgent nation but vowing to lead a recovery from the deepest recession since World War II.

Los Angeles Times
Headline: Obama Mixes Optimism and Hard Truths
Lede: When Herbert Hoover said on the eve of the Great Depression that "prosperity is around the corner," he was ridiculed as blindly optimistic, and shantytowns were mockingly named "Hoovervilles." When Jimmy Carter said a "national malaise" was behind U.S. economic woes in the 1970s, he was panned for being too grim and demoralizing. With his speech to Congress on Tuesday night, President Obama tried to navigate shoals that have challenged other presidents serving during times of economic crisis: how to balance warnings of dire circumstances against the need to inspire confidence.

Boston Globe
Headline: Obama Promises Better Days, Calls for Nation to Pull Together
Lede: President Obama, tempering the series of grim economic diagnoses he has delivered in recent weeks, sounded a new note of optimism last night, vowing that "America will emerge stronger than before" from the Wall Street meltdown and mortgage crisis that has sent the country into a deep recession.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Headline: The 'Day of Recoking'
Lede: Calling this a "day of reckoning" for years of mistakes, President Obama worked last night to assure a recession-weary nation that he is charting a new course out of the depths and ultimately to renewed prosperity.

Detroit Free Press
Headline: Obama Committed to Reimagined Auto Industry
Lede: Saying the economic crisis "will not determine the destiny of this nation," President Barack Obama on Tuesday laid out a bold, wide-ranging agenda for America and said he is "committed to a retooled, reimagined auto industry that can compete and win."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Headline: Obama Tells Nation: 'We Are Not Quitters'
Lede: To a nation reeling from recession and facing long-festering problems, President Barack Obama has a simple reminder: "We are not quitters." Whatever the problems, the new president promised in the first prime-time speech of his term, "We will rebuild, we will recover and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before."

Kansas City Star
Headline: Obama Says Americans Will Find Prosperity Again
Lede: Calling this a