Call it the battle for Bayou bucks...

From The Hill's Sam Youngman:
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (D) said Friday that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) engaged in political posturing when he said he

At the White House, the mayors in attendance all seemed to agree that the stimulus was much needed, even as some Republicans said they did not agree with the whole package.

The consensus among the group was that the money was needed directly at the city level.

Nagin said that President Obama and Vice President Biden "assured" the mayors that the money would be distributed "as quickly as they can to the states and some of it to the cities."

Obama praised the group for working on the "front lines" of the economic crisis and pledged help through the stimulus. But he warned them that he will expect accountability at the state and city level as the money is sent.

"The American people are watching," Obama said. "They need this plan to work.